What is it?

Goat is a tournament organiser assistant. It is designed to help run long tournaments that are primarily organised by e-mail, such as Toulouse's Permanent Go Tournament: a round is played each month, and it's up to the players to arrange their meeting time and place. Experience has shown that players need reminders to play their games, give results etc: basically, they need babysitting all along. As soon as the number of players grows, it becomes unpractical to manage this by hand. This is where Goat comes in: after pairing the players, the tournament admin will enter the pairing data into Goat, and Goat will take over all the remaining business.

Goat currently operates entirely in French, however all its source code is in English and I hope to make it easy to add languages. I currently plan to do that after the program has been tested in real life though. If you are interested in getting multi-language support quicker, drop me a line and I'll be happy to add it (or help you add it).

04SEP2009: v2.0 released

Goat has now been working for a while, it's both reliable and hopefully easy to use. The only skills required to use it is reading the documentation and using a couple of command lines.

Download v2.0[152K]

13JUN2007: v1.2 released

This is a massive rewrite. (The large increase in size of the file is due to the inclusion of the French player database, which is used to run the tests. I didn't write all that much code!)

Download v1.2[161K]

Download v1.0[ 30K]

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