This is a new evolution of my old site, now retired, so a lot of content is no longer present as I judged it useless. Over time I will add a few pages for projects, but no promises as to when.

Following many requests, I have a translation policy for the contents of this site.

If there was contents on here that you expected to find, please contact me so I add it.

You can also find my GPG key and the root certificate that I use for my services. The Web sites are secured using Let’s Encrypt.

This site is built with Jekyll to produce Boostrap pages.


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sslh is a protocol multiplexer.

dtc is a documentation tool to create diagrams that include all protocol layers for dataflows .

conf2struct is a C generator that takes the description of a configuration, and generateѕ a parser based on libconfig on one hand, and a command-line parser based on argtable3 on the other hand, to set up a struct.


J’organise des tournois de Go pour la FFG:


I like rabbits, cats.

I brew beer, and it’s actually not bad.

I beat Hydorah!