Remember The Milk command line tool

What is it?

RememberTheMilk is an excellent task list manager. You can add tasks to it using the Web interface, e-mail, SMS and others, and it can send you remainders in many ways too. One thing it is missing is a convenient UNIX command line tool.

This package is split in two components:

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v0.5 (14 Mar 2008)

Download v0.5[4.1K]

v0.4 (1 Feb 2008)

Not much new, except RTMAgent is now moved to CPAN. This archive only contains the rtm script.

Download v0.4[3.8K]

v0.3 (14 Nov 2007)

Added support for undo, for displaying task notes, for accessing RTM through proxies.

Download v0.3[7.3K]

v0.2 (05 Nov 2007)

Now we can refer to tasks with short number, specify a list, add tasks, complete, uncomplete or delete a task.

Download v0.2[6.2K]

v0.1 (04 Nov 2007)

Download v0.1[5.2K]

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