Onmicomment: a Universal Comment Management System

What is it?

OmniComment is a small script to that enables Web master to add comments to any page. The idea is to include a call to the script in the appropriate page, using an SSI statement. The script will write out the appropriate HTML containing a link to the comments already posted for this page and a form to post new comments.

In principle this is similar to Gentle Comment, except it's more lightweight: it uses a flat directory and normal files to store the comment (as opposed to a MySQL database), so it is not appropriate if your Web site receives thousand of comments a minute (or is it? Would a database actually make it faster than plain filesystem accesses?). Another difference is that all configuration happens in a text file, and there is no Web interface to perform administration.

OmniComment generates an RSS feed (well actually, it's an ATOM feed) that follows publication of comments anywhere in the site.

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OmniComment 1.3 [9.8K]
  • Now use YAML configuration file.
  • Supports virtual hosting.
  • Test suite.
OmniComment 1.2 [7.6K]
  • Generates ATOM feed over the whole site.
OmniComment 1.0 [5.6K]
  • Adds comments to any page into which it is included. Comments are sorted depending on the URL used to call the script.


The approximate roadmap is as follow, starting from the beginning:
  1. Test suite
  2. RSS feeds to follow the comments on one page.
  3. Flood protection and IP-based blocker.

I hope to complete item 1 and 2 before end of 2010, and item 3 at some point later, if required.

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