I installed a BlogPlugin I found on the internet, which automatically creates a blog-like first page: it displays a list of the most recently modified tiddlers. So from now on you’ll see the recent changes automatically without having to look up the timeline.

The next step, I guess, is to find out how to let readers comment. ccTiddly has a whole access control system, so this might help.

I also installed a SplashScreenPlugin to tell people the site is loading, but somehow I screwed it up and it wouldn’t go pas the splash screen. Suddenly, you can’t edit the wiki anymore. So you can’t remove the splash screen. Oops. Luckily a bit of phpmyadmin to erase the splash screen did the trick. I’ll have to look into it a bit more…

Right, we’re now off to the countryside for a bit of barbequeuing up and a bit of voting.

7.15pm. I’m pretty sure that a method to allow anonymous comments is described on [[this forum http://groups.google.com/group/PrinceTiddlyWiki/browse_thread/thread/1c3c13068a3c3934/f0f2e4ef9826e48f#f0f2e4ef9826e48f]]. I’m so happy.

In other news, it seems no one documented the fact that you should set up a SiteUrl tiddler for RSS generation to work properly. Otherwise, the RSS links go to tiddlywiki.com, which really isn’t what you want.