France is almost done electing its next president. It’ll have been six blissful months of constant arguing, debating, personal attacks, slurs, and so on. Well, you know what politicians are like.

What bothers me in the whole thing is that politicians all seem to be in it for similar reasons, which are either attraction to power (in which case what they really need is to see a psychiatrist, for they have unresolved issues) or personal gain (in which case they should go to jail). You’ll have to agree that these are hardly good reasons to govern a country. Good reasons should be selfless, such as making your country a better place, making life for the citizens better, etc. Well, all the things that politicians actually say, all the while they’re thinking about all the personal gain and power they’ll get.

I remember reading a book, which may or may not have been fiction, where there was an easy way to ensure that the elected chief was a selfless servant of the people. The chief was elected for seven years, and then he’d be sacrificed to the spirits and eaten by the rest of the tribe to assimilate his wisdom.

Now that may sound stupid, but I think it’s a really good idea. If the president gets killed at the end of their mandate, then there is no incentive for personal gain, as you won’t be able to take advantage of it later on. Those that are just after power, will probably think twice and may actually try to help their country by seeking professional help. You’ll only be left with candidates that are genuinely – and literally – ready to die for their country. And we the people won’t get the same faces in power over and over again. It’s really a win-win scenario.

On the other hand, population in France is 60 million, so I strongly suggest you vote for the biggest candidate if you want anything to eat.