One of the advice I’ll happily provide to anyone who wants to hear it (and some who don’t) is to choose one text editor and learn it well. If you think about it, text editing is one of the things you do most on your computer: e-mail, letters and whatnot. The rest of your time is probably mostly spent in your Web browser.

So, pick one text editor, and a good one, and learn it well.

Now the problem is, browsers, for some strange reason, seem to have that strange idea that they should re-implement their own editor. It’s especially a problem when you use Webmails: the text edit tool of browsers is usually totally broken.

Enter [[mozex]]. Now you can link an editor to the textedit action, with a hotkey, and your favourite editor is just one ctrl-e away.
EDIT: I now have a list of the [[extensions Firefox extensions]] I use.