Landreau is a pasta factory in Tournefeuille near Toulouse. In 2006 they opened a restaurant which main theme is pasta.

The lunch menu will set you back 12.50EUR, for which you’ll get starters and dish of the day, or dish of the day and dessert of the day. The evening or set meals are much more expensive and we’ve never really tried them. For 12.50, you get a reasonnably-sized portion that’s generally rather nice (think meat in sauce and pasta and you won’t be far from a standard dish of the day – Yesterday’s was seafood lasagna. (Homer voice) Hmmmm, lasagna.)

The room is nice, although usually a bit on the cool side. You get real napkins and tablecloth. It’s all non-smoking.

Le Landreau: 25 avenue François Verdier, Tournefeuille. 05 34 52 01 88