Your may remember that I once installed [[eXtreme Antispam]] and later reported I was [[very happy with it]].

Then I upgraded to Etch, Debian’s last release. And sure enough, we started getting phony users again: oops, the upgraded process erased the modifications that made eXtreme work. Now the really funny thing is, the link I had for it now points to another Phpbb mod that has nothing to do with spam. No matter how much I scoured the Internet, it appears that it’s nowhere to be found. Crap.

So after ah-ing and em-ing and wondering if I could maybe rewrite the code needed, I ended up finding a different mod that’s basically exactly the same, except without pictures: [[Textual Confirmation]] simply ask one question among many that the administrator can set, and expects the right answer. Simple, accessible, wonderful. Really one of those should be in the stock Phpbb configuration instead of the pointless letter salad they insist on using.