This always amazes me: the record and movie industry is once again going on about their losses because of [[illegal copying]]. The theory goes that every time someone downloads a movie illegally, that’s one DVD that they should have sold, I guess.
Of course this is complete crap. It always amazes me that no-one links dropping DVD sales with [[raising food prices]] and mad real-estate prices. Logically, people spend their money on food and shelter first. Clothes second. Entertainment last.

We watch quite a few series which we download. However, where they not available, we would not buy them, simply because we couldn’t afford them. We’d end up watching TV (or reading books, more likely).

I guess corporation end up just fighting over our limited income: if food prices raise, entertainment budget goes down and that industry gets hurt. If food prices decrease, entertainment budget goes up, but farmers are sad. Either way, I earn the same and it’s a zero-sum game. And how many movies I download actually doesn’t appear in that equation.