People who actually use computers need the Control key all the time, because it allows you to map functions to keys: ‘s’ inserts ‘s’, ‘ctrl-s’ saves your document. It’s much faster than taking the mouse, clicking File, clicking Save.

A long time ago, computers were built by people who used computers for people who used computers: therefore, they made the control key easy to type: old keyboards would have the control key between the ‘tab’ and the ‘shift’ key on the left-most column. Then bad things happened, and somehow the capslock key was invented. Not only does it serve no obvious purpose (one should never be writing all caps, it’s ugly, hard to read and it’s just rude to shout all the time), it bumped the control key at the bottom of the left-most column. Suddenly, the control key became hard to reach.

The obvious solution is to remap your keyboard. In Windows, the easiest way to do that is a little program called [[AutoHotKey]]. Simple, and you don’t need to be admin to install and run it. Just create a default script and add: