This refers to //O’Sushi Bar// in town, we haven’t tried any of the others, as it seems this actually is a chain.

We had high hopes for O’Sushi when it opened: it was small, and was the first Japanese restaurant that didn’t emphasise sushi (which is a small part of Japanese cooking) or skewers (which we’re not sure even exists in Japanese cooking :) ). We could get ramen, tonkatsu and few other traditional dishes at very affordable prices.

A year down the line, the restaurant has become quite big, raised its prices on all dishes, and now does a lot more sushi. It’s got a cute sushi train that’s actually done by boats floating on running water in a gully. Unfortunately, that kind of sushi is only available in a “all you can eat” formula, and is very, very average.

Altogether we’ve been disappointed.

O Sushi Bar, 30 r Gambetta, 05 61 21 98 64