On a national day of strikes (which happens fairly often in France, even more so when the government talks about touching the pension system), I decided to stay home to brew my very first lager, taking advantage of the winter temperatures to allow fermentation at around 10°C. I barely modified a recipe from La Montreuilloise.

For 20 litres:

  • 5kg 2-row Pilsner malt
  • 40g Saaz 45 mins
  • 20g Saaz 15 mins
  • 40g Saaz 0 mins
  • Saflager S-23

OG: 12°B, FG: 5.8°B, ABV 5.7%

The label is inspired by the day’s events, and probably the beer should be drunk during demonstrations along with merguez sausages.

Pilsner en grève