I was recently given a company Rubik’s cube, which made me want to solve it. I realised I had forgotten some of the algorithms, and that apparently I use a mix of several methods, which I had to research again. So here is my method for future reference, based on this solution in French which I use all the way through, except for the end where this one is simpler and more fun (and a bit scary as you re-scramble the cube before it clears up).

All the moves are written in standard notation.

White face

Make the white cross. White cross at the bottom, align the sides of the cross with the colours of the other sides. Bring one white corner between the appropriate sides, and move it into the right place with the ‘sexy move’ (RUR'L')

Second row

White face to the top. Find a middle-square on the bottom that should integrate the second row (a `Belgian’ according to the French solution; the story to remember the algorithm is fun) and move it place: E.g. to move it to the right row:


This can be turned around to move a piece from the bottom crown to the left row.

By now you have the last face to solve.

Last cross

(At this stage, this becomes the method from the English site).

Yellow face up. If you have an ‘L’, put it to the top-left.


(which is a ‘sexy move’ inbetween a front-face flip). Repeat this: it will give you an L if you didn’t have one, then a line, then a cross.

Orient the cross. Not all middle cubes might be aligned…

Solve middle cubes

Move from middle cube to the left:


Repeat until the cross is done fully done.

Top corners

First we need all corners to be in the right place, irrespective of orientation.

Turn 3 corners, leaving the top-right where it is:


Repeat until all corners are placed.

Orient the corners

Yellow face up.

This is the most fun: orient a cube that needs turning in the top-right corner, then repeat until the yellow face comes up:


This can take up to three times. Then, move only the top to bring the next corner to the top-right


(whatever number of time)

And orient it in the same way. The cube becomes all scrambled as we get closer.

When all corners are yellow face up, the bottom of the cube will have re-arranged itself!