While reading Game of Thrones, I often wanted to design a coat of arms for fun. Then this summer I visited La Trappe and got that urge again. So I did, and here it is:

Écartelé : au premier d'argent au houblon de sinople, au deuxième de gueules au lapin d'or, au troisième de gueules à la croix cléchée, vidée et pommetée de douze pièces d'or, au quatrième d'argent au blé d'or.

(Fuck if I know how to say this in English. I can’t even say it in French, I adapted it from L’Isle Jourdain’s Web site.)

The base layout is that of L’Isle Jourdain, where the brewery (ok, my garage) is based.

The rabbit is from the coat of arms of German town Hasenfeld. Apparently I am not the only one to enjoy rabbits.

The cross is the Occitan cross, which is prevalent in the region, dating back from the times the County of Toulouse was powerful in the twelveth century.

And then there is a crossing of Wheat and hops, because that’s what brewing is about, and let’s face it, we can’t put yeast on a coat of arms.

And then there is a version with additional ornaments, full with a pig latin motto:

The first version was more similar to that of L’Isle Jourdain, but I decided to simplify it (partly after thinking of getting custom caps):