My son is growing up quickly. Finding landmarks in the day (“breakfast”, “naptime”, “dinner time” and so on) is not as trivial as one might think, and obviously small children are too small to read the time and turn an abstract “5 o’clock” to “teatime”.

Of course, the Internet has solutions for everything. You can buy 24-hour clock mechanisms, for which the hour hand will do only one turn per day (as opposed to standard, 12-hour clocks, where the hour hand turns twice).

Then I found Steve Pomeroy’s 24-hours clockface, which was both pretty enough and easily editable.

Then I added colours and icons randomly collected on the Internet, more or less based on my kid’s current habits and activities (I have to admit I did not keep track of the icons I used). And a fox, as his favourite plush toy is a fox.

And here’s the result, as an SVG file, which can be easily further edited with most vector editors, such as Inkscape: