This is a trappist-style, amber ale. It is best brewed in summer, as it benefits from higher fermentation temparatures: 24°C to 26° is pretty good.

It is based on Randy Mosher’s Radical Brewing’s “Three-Nipple Triple”.

  • 3.4kg Pilsen malt (3EBC)
  • 1.1kg Pale malt (5EBC)
  • 0.9kg Caramalt 120EBC
  • 1kg muscovado sugar
  • 40g Target (10%) (60 mins)
  • 40g Hallertau (15 mins)
  • 10g coriander seeds (not crushed) (15 mins)
  • 1 orange zest (15 mins)
  • Safbrew T-58

(Alternatively, hack the yeast from a Quadruple from La Trappe. I haven’t tried it, but it’s supposed to be even better than with the T-58.)

Standard infusion mash 1h@63°C (strike 13.5l at 70° according to this calculator).

Original density can go as high as 20°B (SG: 1083), but it works really well at low as 14°B as well. So the final product ranges between about 6% and 10%ABV. I have done both extremes, but not enough yet to compare them :-)

The result is a smooth, deep, spicy, amber ale similar to some trappist ales. The name comes from the element, and the fact that it’s really not brewed by monks.

This is best aged for a good 6 months, and keeps happily for years.

I’ve made a variety of labels over the batches:

(This one was made without coriander or orange peel so it didn’t get the trademark).