For summer BBQs, two light white beers that only differ at bottling time:

  • 2.7k Pilsen
  • 2.3k Wheat 4EBC
  • 35g Target (60mins)
  • Safale S33

OG: about 20l at 8.5°B

Usually I’ll make 5 litres of Litchee white and the rest as a ginger white.

Ginger White

On brewday, prepare a ginger potion: 180g of sliced candied ginger, infused in 200g 40%ABV alcohol (it should cover the ginger). Let it infuse until bottling time. Filter out the ginger, and add the potion to the beer when priming, just before bottling.

Candied ginger soaked in alcohol makes a nice dessert with cream cheese.

Alternative I haven’t tried: blend the ginger and mix before bottling.

Litchee White

At bottling time, prime with Soho instead of sugar: Soho is extremly sweet, and the priming quantity of sugar makes for the right amount of litchee taste: I use 60g of Soho for 5 litres of beer.