Carbonade Flamande

An excellent beer stew from the north of France. There are way too many recipes around, and I’m tired of always spending time searching for the one I like.

Based on this Marmiton recipe


  • 1kg Macreuse, Joue, […] de boeuf
  • 250g lard fumé
  • 1l bière (Goudale ambrée)
  • 400g oignon
  • 1 bouquet garni
  • 1 cuillère de cassonade
  • pain d’épice
  • 30g beurre
  • 3 cuillères de moutarde


  • Chop onions, fry on low heat in butter 10 mins
  • Add the bacon, keep low heat, 10 mins until pink
  • Reserve bacon and onions, put high heat on
  • Brown meat on all sides
  • Lower heat, cover 10 mins. The meat will sweat.
  • Remove meat
  • add sugar, reduce on high heat
  • Add meat, bacon and onions, low heat
  • Cover with beer, add bouquet garni
  • Spread mustard onginger bread, top the stew with ginger bread
  • Stew 3h