I recently discovered that our Internet Service Provider, Free.fr, allowed us to send a Fax (by posting a PDF on the Web interface) or to receive a Fax (directly to our Free.fr number, the fax gets turned into a PDF and is mailed to an address of your choice).

I then wondered if I could send (or ever receive?) SMS messages (which is redundant really: Short Message Service messages.)

There is a [[discussion http://www.freenews.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=470290]] on Freenewz that led me to a [[page http://free.phonevalley.com/websms/free/]] that lets you send SMS.

Once you subscribe (3 second process, no verification of anything whatsoever) you can buy credit. The cool thing is that if you’re logging in from your Free.fr connection, that is detected and automatically added to your Free.fr bill. The bad thing is, if you’re at work and want to SMS your beloved, you can’t buy credit and try out the service.

Or… maybe… with a reverse proxy at home, logging in from work…

No, go home, you crazy rabbit.

Later on, from home, I bought credit: you just need the Free.fr password and that’s it.

Well, that’s all to simple I say. My next project will be to install asterisk and send them from Perl script. Or something.