These are the navigation extensions I currently use, for later reference…

Firefox has memory leaks. You need to restart it once in a while. That’s a drag, because you’ll lose all the tabs you still had to read. Enter [[Session Manager]], which saves the state of your tabs and restores them when you restart. The default behaviour is to only restore after crashing, so don’t forget to customise in Tools->Session Manager.

Keyboard navigation:

I love my keyboard. Mice are mostly designed for leisurly tasks. Some day I’ll write a post on user interfaces. And I love Vim. It’s the only editor I use, all the time. So naturally when I found [[Vimperator|]], a plugin that makes Firefox behave like Vim, I was happy. The plugin still has some rough edges, but it’s fantastic, it’s really the best thing since Hit-a-Hint (see further).

I also use [[mozex]] lets you set external programs for some actions. In particular, this lets you set a shortcut to edit a form’s textarea with the editor of your choice (Vim is of course mine). Alleluia!

I used to use those extensions as well, but they are pretty much all obsoleted by Vimperator:

[[Hit a Hint]]: select a link with your keyboard. In the process, find hidden links that you’d never see with your mouse. HaH suggests another extention named surfkey, which I’m not fond of. YMMV.
[[Keyconfig]]: Change keys. With [[Functions for keyconfig]], you can now use your keyboard properly, and have h,j,k,l navigate in the page.

A note to Firefox developers: get all the plugins to be configured the same way, will ya? Some create a menu entry in Tools, others are configured through the plug-in manager… it’s a mess!