We went to ‘Le Bon Vivre’ with Narelle’s conversation group last night. Right on place Wilson, it’s of the fancier sort: fabric table cloth and serviettes and all. The service is nice though strangely amateurish for a place like that (I get prejudiced based on the serviettes). First price menu for dinner is 22EUR, we ended at about 40EUR a head after wines and coffees were added.

The food is very French and all very nice, although the cassoulet does not beat [[Le canard sur le toit]] in Tournefeuille.

It’s not non-smoking, but the waiter assured us that very few people smoked. We had bad experience with this sort of judgement before, but in this case it was true: probably about 3 cigarettes were smoked over the evening, that is, from 7pm to 10pm: perfectly bearable.

[[Le Bon Vivre http://www.lebonvivre.com]]: 15b, place du Pt Wilson, 05 61 23 07 17