Le Progrès (“The Progress”) is apparently a historical place for Airbus workers, in that it’s been a canteen for them for a long time. And for good reason.

Somehow, I went there today for the first time ever, even though I have been hearing from it for more than two years.

The restaurant is located in Saint-Martin, a twenty minute walk from the Saint-Martin Airbus factory. It’s a non-assuming bistro-looking place. Decoration is non-important (but it’s not disgusting).

Basically this is a one-menu, one-price place: the price is 11.50, and the menu is 4 courses, including cheese platter and wine at will. This is important to know, as, if you’re just a tad compulsive as I am, you’ll have to take in account that the afternoon will be pretty much lost on you. The food isn’t fancy but it’s nice, home-style cooking.

Service is informal and friendly. The place is not non-smoking, but it has high ceilings and it didn’t seem to bother me at the time. Maybe that’s got to do with how much wine I had, though.

Le Progrès: 185 rte Bayonne, 05 61 49 22 75