Super-Hydorah Walkthough – A strategy guide (spoiler)

This is a walkthrough, or strategy guide, for Super Hydorah. There are a number of walkthroughs on Youtube that show the gameplay of brilliant players. I have two issues with those:

  • They are not in line with SuperHydorah’s “old school” vibe. We used to get our walkthroughs in magazines, so it makes sense Hydorah should have a textual walkthrough with maybe a few screenshots.
  • They are wholly inefficient. Wonder where to find the secret in Dunarys? Spend 15 minutes seeking through the video, or just scroll quickly through an article. My choice is done.
  • Often, they don’t explain the reasonning behind strategic choices.

There you go, that’s actually three reasons.

This guide is in progress, as I am also crawling through the game.

I already wrote a walkthrough for Hydorah, which is still useful here.

There is an exhaustive list of where to catch the secrets on Retromageddon

Where are the weapons?

Here is a map of all the levels, with the weapons they give you. This is central to plan where to go first.

Hydorah map