How much alcohol is there in my beer if I have a refractometer? I compiled two tools from Univers Bière and made my own down here:

There is also this convertor that is rather convenient.


Initial density (°Brix):

Final density (°Brix):

Added sugar before bottling (g/l):


Initial gravity:

Final gravity:

Before bottling: ABV

Refermentation increases by ABV

Final content is ABV

Attenuation: %

Conversion chart

I like charts, when they’re pretty. Occasionally I’ll need to be able to quickly convert from Brix to gravity, typically to compute added sugar to reach a specific gravity (those computations are easier to do using gravity than Brix).

I couldn’t find a chart that was pretty, so I made one that’s reasonable-looking. Here it is in PDF and its source in SVG.